My paintings have always paid tribute to the natural world around us. My current work views that world more abstractly and through a microscopic lens. I am inspired by details from nature which are often overlooked…pollen swirled across a puddle, color shifts as branches move in and out of light and shadow, ice melting in rings beneath a frozen surface, delicate fossils embedded in a single stone…

My work focusses on that sweet spot between control and chaos. Silhouetted elements from nature are put down with intention while layers of paint and glaze are built up around them in a more intuitive way. As the surface builds, slivers of under- painting are left behind like delicate threads of connective tissue streaming  between color and form.

In the studio, I am in a constant state of discovery, alternating between self-correction and meditation. The process ultimately evolves into an intuitive exploration of the intangible energy in the world around us. Painting, for me, is the transformation of that energy into form.

Betsy Morgan
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